Friday, 31 May 2013

MSP19U Tiger Test and frantic mini review.

Hey there all my loyal minions!

Here is a tiger before you start to think this blog died!

He's like walking down a mossy cliff face. If you didn't catch that. Tigers do that. I saw it in a doc once. So yeah. I'm happy with how this guy turned out. I think it's an improvement from my last tigers I've posted. I'm still learning digital painting. But I think this one was much faster and smoother than the last few. But there is a reason for that.

I didn't die. And my hands weren't burt off in a freak fire juggling accident. I just have been LAAZY! And haven't really drawn anything useful that I like and think that all my amazing fans would like. But I think I should post this. Cause I just got my first table monitor! It's not a cintq tho! It's the MSP19U from yiynova! What a joyful blessing of a tablet! For a little more than 1/4 of the price of the 22 inch cintq, you get this beautiful 19inch very simple, efficient tablet that works and feels wonderful! Like lining up 100 kittens and then running and petting all of them in one simultaneous pet. so you don't have to life you had like a sucker. Anyways, enough of my cat petting fantasies. You will have to life you hand a few times with this but that's the life of drawer. Or painter. But yeah I would uuurge you to check it out! It's now much more convinient to order and receive on in canada! As someone has opened an online store and they have great service and the great price of 715$ with shipping! I love it so far. There are a few things that you have to watch out for but so far you just lean over it with a blank photoshop document and the time disappears and you forget about the little things that might have been different if you spent 1300$ more... You also forget about paying bills, sleeping, dishes, eating. But that's okay cause you're creating a world without the disconnect of drawing on a tablet and looking at a seperate screen hoping that you might get that line in that spot that you wanted. So if you have the income tax refund laying around and really have always wanted to have a tablet. I'd say go for it. I did. And I'm not ever a professional drawing or painting man. But I'm excited to improve and post more stuff and lose time. Also great for animating and photo editing. Haven't played with that too much yet but I see great things coming as soon as I get caught up on game of thrones. (which is taking longer than it should because I got this tablet. so that's saying something right?) Well that's my short review. There are tons of much more helpful reviews out there. But it's really great. The glass is just perfect. There is a little bit of a distance between the tip of the pen and the cursor, but nothing like the miles between the tip of my intuos pen and the cursor. And it's nice because the tip isn't in the way. There is no lag either. But yeah ALL my regulars thanks for holding up for the past few months between posts. I feel like there are more frequent posts coming now. And to all the people who find this blog because of this post because you're interested in this tablet. Just do it if you can afford it and will use it. I'd say it's much better investment than a new game console, tv or roller blades. At least you're doing something productive that could eventually one day even make you money if you're better than I am at drawing!

I'm mostly excited to do some 2D animation in animate pro. I've only ever really done 3D animation. Which I hope will help me apply the principles of 3D into 2D. Kinda pack pedaling here I know. But it's so damn hard to bring your 3D ideas to life without an entire (small) production team. But at least with drawing, if you can draw it, you can try animating it. And keep trying until it doesn't look like a broken television set from the 40's.


I love MSP19U.
I love Tigers.
I can't wait to see what I can do with this baby next!

Until the next blog rise,